AER Events

Listings with links for upcoming events for State Chapters and Divisions

Orientation and Mobility Online Symposium, 2023

January 25-27, 2023

TX AER Conference 2023, Pathways and Perspectives

March 23-25, 2023 in Denton, TX

IMC 18, International Orientation and Mobility Conference

May 22-26, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland

Online and Downloadable Resources

Division Dropbox, Division Member Resources

The following subfolders are available in the Division Member Resources folder, http://bit.ly/AER-OM

LiveBinders for Orientation and Mobility

The binders on this page are available for anyone to use and share. They contain information and resources on topics such Early Childhood Orientation and Mobility, iOS and Android Apps, Navigation Technologies, Location Literacy, and working with learners who are DeafBlind, Multiply Impaired Visually Impaired (MIVI), Community Based Instruction (CBI), and more. The LiveBinders can be accessed at, http://bit.ly/LiveBinderOM

Contact List for Orientation and Mobility Specialists Willing to Provide Contract Services

This list is sorted first by state and city, and then by last name; the most recent version is from August 9, 2021 and can be download by clicking, List as of 2021-08-09.

This list will be updated occasionally; you can add yourself to the list by visiting http://bit.ly/2OMlist. To remove your name from this list, please send an E-mail request to Chris Tabb at tabbc@tsbvi.edu

Scope of Practice for Orientation and Mobility

Scope of Practice in Orientation and Mobility, AER Division IX, by Justin T. Kaiser, Jennifer L. Cmar, Sandra Rosen, Dawn Anderson, Approved July 2018

Position Papers from the Orientation and Mobility Division

Orientation and Mobility Specialists and the Provision of Travel Instruction to Individuals with Nonvisual Disabilities

Orientation and Mobility in Naturalistic Environments

Teaching O&M Through Individual and Group Lessons

Teaching Street Crossing at Signalized Intersections

Teaching Street Crossing at Streets and Lanes Where There Is No Traffic Control

University Trained Orientation and Mobility Specialists

Use of Visual Occlusion in Orientation and Mobility Instruction

Environmental Access Committee (EAC) Resources

Process for Requesting an Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS)

An Overview of APS

Considerations When Requesting and APS

Manufacturers of APS

Detectable Warning Surfaces

Pedestrian Guidance Through Construction Areas